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If your doctor has asked you to send them a quick message concerning your condition or if you have a question regarding a known condition or non urgent query, please use our Quick GP Message system ©The Elms Practice 2016 system by clicking on the link below

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COVID VACCINE INFORMATION 2021 (updated 14/5/21)

We have already adminstered about 20000 covid vaccinations along with our colleagues in the Waterside Practice and our amazing volunteers. If it has been over 12 weeks since your first immunisation and it was done here, Emsoworth or Waterlooville and you have not been contacted about your second immunisation please contact us via the surgery reception.

Please be considerate to out staff who are under huge pressure at this time and please consider whether minor problems could await medical attention. At the same time if you are concerned that your symptoms could be due to something serious please don't hesitate to contact us and book a phone consultation with a doctor. For less urgent issues or uncertainties please consider the GP quick message system.

Please act on your invitation when it comes, if you receive a text message it will not ask for any bank details to confirm identity.

Please ensure you attend your appointment and on the day of your appointment and afterwards please continue to abide by all the social distancing and hand hygiene guidance, which will still save lives.


Dear Patients

In the past year during the Covid pandemic, we have been working longer and harder than ever before. We pushed aside our fears and sidelined our own wellbeing (often that of our families too) and devoted ourselves to overhauling the structure of healthcare provision to meet the needs of our people

We have lost colleagues along the way, family members, friends, and patients we cared for deeply. We worked through the pandemic with acceptance and grace about the part we needed to play and the risks of being on the frontline. Like all the patients we compassionately treat, we too are exhausted and traumatised by events over the last year alongside all our Nurses, Managers and other staff members.

The undertaking of the past year has involved twelve to fourteen hours of work in our days during the week and as some of you may have experienced, we have also worked over the weekend to contact patients to monitor your condition when a Covid positive diagnoses had been made so you had some reassurance from your GP or could help provide answers to questions you had.

It has been a complex operation of collaboration, creativity and digital innovation. We now have an armoury of telephone and video consultations, face to face assessment where clinically indicated on the day and unlimited on-line access to GP quick message and E-Consult systems. In fact we have made general practice so accessible that we are drowning under the weight of demand. The work days are harder to manage and staffs go home exhausted, numb and dejected and wonder how they will cope with the next day, let alone next week or another fifteen years. It is not just the increase in work but the unkindness, rudeness and often abject disregard for clinical judgement that is a hard pill to swallow.

Not only have Practices revolutionised access and continued to deliver equitable care under impossibly difficult circumstances, but we have helped pull off one of the most remarkable health endeavours of human history in the form of a mass Covid vaccination programme. There were many extraordinary contributions from people in all walks of life to make this happen and for this we are indebted, but without the GP’s and their staff it would not have been possible.

So we are quite baffled by the concept that general practice has at any point been closed. We are hurt by the implications that we are lazy and uncaring.

These seemingly widespread held views are miscalculated and deeply upsetting to us all . We have all but sold our souls in our efforts to keep the ship afloat through this carnival of chaos.

The issues most bothering patients and the media seems to be the inalienable right to a face to face consultation, on demand, under any circumstance, in the context of a global health pandemic!

The current excellent system of doctor triage and the use of clinical judgement to determine need, facilitating quick and appropriate face to face reviews will be replaced by at least a 4week waiting list. With it will come even more discontent and blame and moreover it will be unsafe.

So no we are not closed, nor have we ever been. We are open and we care and we are trying are hardest. We have some good systems in place and if anything we could do with your help.

To respect us and our clinical judgement.

To not shout at us and blame us for circumstances beyond our contrTo show us some compassion and kindness as fellow humans who have been through a lot ourselves

To help us help you by taking responsibility for self-care when you can, visiting NHS choices for helpful information and chatting to your pharmacist for advice where appropriate.
Please know every time you ask the question: When are you GPs going to open up again? We are here, we have always been here, we will remain here through the hard and the good. Face to face appointments will be arranged after a clinical decision between you and the GP -  if felt appropriate. The receptionists will be able to either message the GP’s or arrange a telephone call for this to be determined but they will not be able to book you a face to face consult themselves without the triage from a clinical member so please be kind.

Thank you for your patience

Dr Turner and Partners and Dominique Lewsey (Operations Manager)


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