Nurse-Run Clinics

Appointments are available all day Monday – Friday between 8.30am and 5.15pm.


Asthma Clinic

We have a specialist Asthma Nurse, a specialist COPD Nurse and a Respiratory Specialist who hold regular asthma clinics at the Surgery – they will make sure that your treatment is the most suitable for you. You will be able to ask questions about asthma/COPD and/or your medication and to find out what you can do to help keep your asthma well controlled.


Diabetic Clinic

These nurse-led clinics are held at least twice during the week. Diabetic patients are entered into a recall system and will receive an invite to be seen either six monthly or yearly.


Travel Clinic

If you are travelling to one country for no longer than one month please complete our Holiday Travel Questionniare. Once completed and handed back to our reception team the nurse will look at your requirements for travel to that Country. We ask that you call us four to five days after handing the forms back to make a suitable appointment time for your vaccinations. Further details can be found on our Holiday Travel page.

If you are travelling to more than one country or are going for longer than one month please make an appointment with a specialist travel clinic for example The Hampshire travel clinic in Emsworth or GoGlobal vaccinations in Chandlers Ford. Advice can also be found on the NaTHNac website.


Additional Services and Clinics

To save patients travelling off the island we are able to offer the services of a female Doctor who visits our Practice weekly and who is available for consultations. Please ask for an appointment at reception.


Post natal checks

Post natal appointments at offered at six weeks when you & your baby will be seen by your doctor.

Appointments can be made via reception.


Minor Operations

Some minor procedures can be arranged at the Surgery after initial consultation with your Doctor e.g. injection of joints.

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